Spianatura Iron | Prodotti Siderurgici e magazzino coils


Thanks to the vast availability of its Coils warehouse, IRON SpA can offer thicknesses from 0.5 to 20 mm with widths of 1000 – 1250 – 1500 and 2000 mm and flatten them to commercial lengths or to measurements requested by the customers using its 4 flattening lines.
The steels mostly treated are those relative to the regulations regarding steels for structural uses (S235-S275-S355), those embossed such as Textured and Striated, pickled, cold rolled steels, galvanised, steels suitable for cold forming, thermo-mechanical steels, steels with improved resistance to atmospheric corrosion, etc.
IRON SpA , supported by its ISO 9001 certified Quality System to guarantee the compliance of its products, performs a scrupulous dimensional and quality control on incoming material and during the production cycles.
IRON SpA can also offer a large assortment of Quarto Plate with various thicknesses in commercial formats.